Selected Courses with Italian-Canadian subjects offered at York:

  • LA&PS IT 3721 Mapping the Italian Experience in Canada: The Literary and Cultural Perspective (cross listed as LA&PS EN 3241 6.0
  • LA&PS IT 1791 9.0 Italians in North America: Migration, Immigration and Beyond
    (cross-listed as LA&PS SOSC 1960 9.0)

Recent Yearly Programme Themes:

  • Visual Cultures of Diaspora: Production, Representation and Consumption, (2001)
  • Narrating the Self: Italian Canadians Between Myth and History (2000)
  • Recognizing the Other: Italian Canadians and the Multicultural Project (1999)
  • Mirrors & Windows Videotapes (1993-96)
  • I Italian Canadian Women: Struggles, Defeats and Triumphs
  • II Italian Canadians and the Law
  • III Italian Canadians and the World of Arts and Culture

The Mariano A. Elia Chair Graduate Student Scholarships:

The Elia Chair offers graduate student scholarships for projects dealing with some aspect of research on Italians in Canada or scholarship impacting on Italians in Canada. These scholarships are administered and adjudicated by the Faculty of Graduate Studies with the advice of a Chair designated committee. Please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information (416) 736-5328. Announcements are usually issued in December of a given academic year and decisions rendered normally by March or April.